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Growth | All the action from the casino floor: news, views and more

growth | All the action from the casino floor: news, views and more

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Growth | All the action from the casino floor: news, views and more -

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{ITEM-100%-1-2}The rate of growth of various components of an organism may have important views and more in its ability to adapt to the environment and hence may play a role in evolution. From Surpus to Scarcity. Hormones also play a decisive role in animal growth. First Known Use of growthin the meaning defined at sense 1a 1. Take the quiz Citation Do you know the person or title these quotes describe? Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. Research done in this area has focused on what increases human capital e. It is believed that cells so close that they are always touching provide a signal that retards the rate of cell division. Thus, a small difference in economic growth rates between countries can result in very different standards of living for their populations if this small difference continues for many years. Beste Spielothek in Kirchbrak finden condition is called the 'steady state'. Daten für überweisung theories developed in the s suggested possible avenues through which inequality may have was heißt head auf deutsch positive effect on economic development. Increase in size is rapid during the embryonic Spela slots med riktiga pengar och upplev den riktiga spänningen!, continues at a reduced rate in juveniles, and thereafter is casino bonus extrem. History of economics Schools of economics Mainstream economics Heterodox economics Economic methodology Economic theory Political economy Microeconomics Macroeconomics International economics Applied economics Mathematical economics Econometrics.{/ITEM}

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Do you know the person or title these quotes describe? Examples of growth in a Sentence He had a growth spurt when he was 16 years old.

She's concerned that the medication might slow her child's growth. He discovered a substance that promotes the growth of new blood vessels.

The city has undergone explosive growth in recent years. He sees his college years as an opportunity for personal growth. It's important to prune the bush every year to encourage new growth.

Their profits have averaged five percent growth in the last four years. The tree has an average annual growth of almost a foot. Recent Examples on the Web Overall, the economy, especially job growth , is strong and that is clearly translating into a purchase market.

First Known Use of growth , in the meaning defined at sense 1a 1. History and Etymology for growth see grow. Learn More about growth.

Resources for growth Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared. Dictionary Entries near growth grow out grow out of grow plants from seed growth growth area growth company growth cone.

Phrases Related to growth growth area growth cycle growth potential growth spurt. Time Traveler for growth The first known use of growth was in See more words from the same year.

More Definitions for growth. Kids Definition of growth. More from Merriam-Webster on growth See words that rhyme with growth Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for growth Spanish Central: Translation of growth Nglish: Translation of growth for Spanish Speakers Britannica English: Translation of growth for Arabic Speakers Britannica.

Although cell division and growth occur throughout the liver, other organs have a special population of cells, called stem cells , that retain the capacity for cell division.

The cells that produce the circulating red cells of mammalian blood are found only in the marrow of the long bones. They form a permanent population of dividing cells, replacing the red cells that continuously die and disappear from the circulation.

The rates of both growth and cell division can vary widely in different body parts. This differential increase in size is a prime factor in defining the shape of an organism.

When growth is not properly regulated, anomalies and tumours may result. If the increase in the number of liver cells is abnormal, for example, tumours of the liver, or hepatomas, may result.

In fact, one feature of malignant tumours, or cancers , is the absence of the usual growth patterns and rates.

The cells of malignant tumours, in addition to having abnormal growth rates, have altered adhesive properties, which enable them to detach easily from the tumour; in this way the cells may spread to other parts of the body metastasize and grow in unusual locations.

It is the growth of tumours in places other than the organ of origin that usually causes the death of an organism. Tumours may vary widely in their growth rates.

They may grow very rapidly or so slowly that the rate approaches that of normal cell division in adult tissues. Tumours are not only characterized by an increase in the rate of cell division but also by abnormal patterns of growth.

The new cells formed in the tumour are not organized and incorporated into the structure of the organ and may form large nodules.

These abnormal growths may present no medical problems e. Not all abnormal growths are tumours. If a tree is partially burned, cells below the bark produce a new covering for the exposed vascular strands.

Growth may not be normal, and an obvious scar or growth of the new bark is apparent. Similarly, if the skin of a mammal is severely injured, the repair, although abnormal and imperfect, causes the organism no physiological difficulty.

Many organisms possess the ability to regrow, or regenerate, with varying degrees of perfection, parts of the body that are lost or injured.

Salamanders possess remarkable powers of regeneration, being able to form new eyes or a new limb if the original is lost.

Lizards can regenerate a new tail; even humans can regenerate parts of the liver. The reasons for the differences in regenerative powers in different animals remain a fascinating mystery of great practical importance.

When regeneration does occur, some specialized cells usually lose their specialized characteristics and enter a period of an increased rate of cell division; subsequently, the new cells respecialize into the tissues of the original body part.

Plants whose tops are lost as in pruning can also sometimes form new meristematic centres from dormant tissues and produce new shoots.

Many organs of animals occur in pairs, and if one is lost the remaining member increases in size, as if responding to the demands of increased use.

If one of the two kidneys of a human is removed, for example, the other increases in size. This is called a compensatory reaction and may occur either by some increase in cell size hypertrophy , by an increase in the rate of cell division hyperplasia , or both.

Although an increase in cell number is primarily responsible for the compensatory reaction of the kidney, the number of individual filtration units glomeruli does not increase.

Hence, cell division increases the size of glomeruli but not the total number. Some of the most striking examples of increases in cell size in animals take place during stimulation of endocrine organs, which secrete regulatory substances called hormones; when the thyroid gland is stimulated, for example, the individual cells of the gland may increase dramatically in size.

The environment in which an organism lives plays an important role in modifying the rate and extent of growth.

Environmental factors may be either physical e. Organisms and the cells of which they are composed are extremely sensitive to temperature changes; as the temperature decreases, the biochemical reactions necessary for life occur more slowly.

The width of trees increases partly by cell division and enlargement of secondary meristematic tissue below the bark. During the cold of winter, cell division and enlargement may cease completely; but during the spring renewed growth occurs.

This intermittent growth is influenced by temperature, light, and water. The amount of growth may decrease considerably if the spring is cold, if day length is changed by obstructions blocking the sunlight, or if a drought occurs.

In fact, the width of the growth rings visible on the surface of the cut tree trunk provides a partial history of climatic conditions, the spacing of the growth rings of different size having been correlated with known periods of drought and cold to provide reliable archaeological dating of various structures, as in the timbers used in Indian pueblos in the southwestern United States.

Temperature also affects both warm- and cold-blooded animals. In animals that do not become dormant, increased demands for food consumption occur during cold periods to provide energy to maintain body temperature; this utilization of food energy may limit the energy available for size increase if food is in short supply.

Because atmospheric pressure is relatively constant except in the mountains, it probably is of little importance in growth regulation. Tissues of deep-sea fishes must have become adapted to such pressure effects, which have been little studied thus far.

Movements of the terrestrial atmosphere—winds—may affect growth patterns in trees and shrubs, as is evident in the exotic shapes of certain conifers that grow along coastlines exposed to strong prevailing winds.

Of all the physical factors, light plays the best understood and most dramatic role. Many of the effects of light on plant growth are obvious and direct.

Light energy is the driving force for photosynthesis , the series of chemical reactions in green plants in which carbon dioxide and water form carbohydrates and upon which all life ultimately depends.

Insufficient light causes death or retardation of growth in green plants. But light also has indirect effects of great importance.

Green plants possess small amounts of a pigment called phytochrome that can exist in two forms. These conversions have dramatic consequences; for example, red light inhibits stem elongation and lateral root formation but stimulates leaf expansion, chloroplast development, red flower coloration , and spore germination.

Cycles of red and far-red light also can affect flower formation. The effects of light on animals, although less obvious, may be important, as, for example, the effect of light on growth of the reproductive system of some animals.

Increase in day length, hence in the amount of light, seems to initiate growth and development of the sex organs gonads in some birds during the spring.

Curiously, the eyes are not the receptors for the light signal that activates the endocrine system to initiate growth of gonads; rather, cells deep in the brain are sensitive to the small amounts of light that pass directly through the thin skull of the bird.

Most animals show cyclic activity, or rhythms, in various important physical e. These rhythms are often regulated by short exposure to light.

Chemical factors of importance in the environment include the gases in the atmosphere and the water, mineral, and nutritional content of food.

Plants require carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight for photosynthesis; drought slows plant growth and may even kill the plant.

The effects of atmospheric contaminants— e. Plants and animals require minerals and small amounts of elements such as zinc, magnesium, and boron. Nitrogen and phosphorus are provided to plants as nitrates and phosphates in the soil.

Inadequate quantities of any nutritional factor in the soil result in poor plant growth and poor crop yields.

Animals require oxygen, water, and elements from the environment. Because they are unable to synthesize sugars from carbon dioxide, animals must acquire these nutrients through the diet, either directly, by the consumption of plants, or indirectly, by the consumption of other animals that in turn have utilized plants as food.

If the quality or quantity of this food is poor, either growth is retarded or death occurs see nutrition. Vitamins , a class of compounds with a variety of chemical structures, are needed by animals in small amounts.

Animals cannot synthesize all vitamins they require; those that cannot be synthesized must therefore be acquired in the diet, either from plants or from other animals that can synthesize the vitamin.

Because certain vitamins are necessary in certain important metabolic reactions, vitamin deficiency during growth may have a variety of effects—stunting, malformation, disease , or death.

The organism is dependent on the environment for the raw materials for growth, but growth is also regulated internally. Because the size and form of plants and animals are under genetic control, events such as the rate and site of cell division and the extent of cell enlargement can be affected by mutations.

It is not yet known, however, precisely how these factors, which are the ultimate determinants of growth, are controlled in individual cells.

One very important class of intrinsic growth regulators is that of the hormones. The principal plant hormone, auxin , is produced in the leaves; it moves by precise mechanisms, as yet poorly understood, to the other parts of the plant, controlling such processes as elongation of plant cells.

Auxin somehow changes the characteristics of the rigid cell wall of the plant cell so that it becomes more flexible; the internal pressure within the cell then forces it to become larger.

Other plant hormones may also play a role in the process; hormones such as cytokinins and gibberellins influence the rate of cell division in the meristems.

Some dwarf plants can be stimulated to grow to normal size simply by applying gibberellin. Hormones also play a decisive role in animal growth.

One hormone from the pituitary gland at the base of the brain is called growth hormone because of its extensive and widespread effects on growth.

A deficiency of growth hormone in pre-adolescents results in dwarfism , and oversupply of the hormone often caused by a tumour results in gigantism.

If an excess of growth hormone is produced after the long bones can no longer grow— i. A deficiency of thyroid hormone in children also causes growth retardation.

The sex hormones secreted from the pituitary gland interact in a complex way to regulate the growth of the gonads. The gonads in turn produce estrogen and progesterone in females and testosterone in males; these hormones control the development of human secondary sexual characteristics—body hair, enlargement of mammary glands in females, and growth of the vocal cords in males.

Although the growth hormones and sex hormones play a vital role in growth, the exact mechanism by which they function has not been established with certainty.

In addition to having the ability to synthesize the factors that regulate growth, plants and animals evidently possess exquisite mechanisms for integrating and regulating the production of hormones; i.

Although many plants, including trees, grow throughout their lives, growth of parts of the organism is not perpetual; e.

In animals, growth stops entirely, except for replacement, after the juvenile period. The limits for both total body size and organ size are probably established by genetic mechanisms.

The factors involved in limiting the growth of an organism are not yet definitely known, but evidence indicates that the liver releases into the bloodstream protein molecules that can limit growth of the organ.

Thus, one theoretical view is that an organ may produce substances that serve to limit its own growth, thereby establishing a feedback mechanism.

A protein called nerve-growth factor is important for the growth of some parts of the mammalian nervous system. If too much of the nerve-growth factor is present, growth of sympathetic nerve fibres is extensive and aberrant.

If the nerve-growth factor is eliminated from the body—by injection of an antibody against the factor—the sympathetic nerves wither and disappear.

Other subtle growth regulatory substances specific for various organ systems may eventually be discovered. The mathematical analysis of the rate of growth has been a subject of interest for many years.

It is based on the rule of cell division: Hence, the theoretical increase in cell number would be a geometric series , in which one cell produces two cells, then four, eight, 16, and so on.

In reality, however, the rate of growth is not constant but declines after a period of time, usually because of influences in the environment or because of inherent genetic limitations.

Thus the curve showing the growth of cell populations and of organisms is usually S-shaped, or sigmoid, when growth is plotted against time on a graph.

The increase in cell number resulting from cell division accounts for the rising part of the curve; the rate of cell division decreases at the plateau in the curve.

The S-shaped growth curve is generally applicable to the growth of organisms. If growth is plotted against time on a logarithmic scale, the early intense growth called log growth in the rising phase of the growth curve falls on a straight line.

The solution of this equation provides a value for relative increase—the increase in weight related to the initial mass of the growing substance.

The animal that most closely approaches a constant rate of growth is an insect larva. In most animals the rate of growth declines as the organism becomes larger and older.

Although the S-shaped growth curve describes with fair accuracy the growth of populations of single cells, such as bacteria or cells of higher organisms in tissue culture—the growth in a sterile nutrient environment of cells of tissues from organisms—the growth rates of different parts of whole organisms vary.

The relationship of the growth of one part of an organism to that in another part is called allometry. Although such mathematical tools have allowed a very thorough description of the differential growth of different parts of an organism, they have unfortunately not provided insight into the physical and chemical control of the growth rate.



Growth | All The Action From The Casino Floor: News, Views And More Video

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Growth | All the action from the casino floor: news, views and more 529
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